Welcome to 
the Economic Ideas Forum 2020

What is EIF?
Now in its eleventh year, the Economic Ideas Forum (EIF), the Martens Centre’s high-level conference on modern economic thought, will be held on 27-28 October 2020. In an all-new digital format, the EIF will be broadcast live from Brussels, featuring a mixture of in-person and online speakers. The Forum has been awarded the European Excellence Award in the category « Best political workshop or congress » in 2017. Previous Forums have been successfully held in Brussels, Bratislava, Helsinki, Dublin, London and Madrid.
The EIF mobilises European Commission officials, members of the European Parliament, economic experts, business leaders and other influential stakeholders from around the world. Operating with interactive tools such as public polls and real-time audience input, the Forum provides you with a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in live debate and contribute your personal knowledge and opinions.
Be it the challenges of global sustainability, the technicalities of artificial intelligence, or the intricacies of global trade and global technological innovations, the EIF is the go-to conference for all those interested in novel economic thought and content-rich debates. We look forward to you joining and contributing to this year’s EIF!